Volume J11314 / May 2013

ISSN 2227-6920

Research Bulletin SWorld

"Modern scientific research and their practical application"

Published by:

  • Kupriyenko SV on Project SWorld

With the support of:

  • Odessa National Maritime University
  • Ukrainian National Academy of Railway Transport
  • Institute for Entrepreneurship and morehozyaystva

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Author(s), 'Title of Paper," in Modern scientific research and their practical application, edited by Alexandr G. Shibaev, Alexandra D. Markova.Vol. J11314 (Kupriyenko SV, Odessa, 2013) – URL: http://www.sworld.com.ua/e-journal/J11314.pdf (date:...) - Article CID Number.

This volume contains research papers of scientists in the field of Legal and political science.

Editorial board:

  • Alexandr G. Shibaev – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof.
  • Alexandr V. Yatsenko – associate professor, rector of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and morehozyaystva
  • Sergiy M. Goncharuk – Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof., Member of the Russian Academy of Transport and the International Informatization Academy, Honored Worker of Transport of Russia
  • Denis V. Lomotko – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Vice-Rector of the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport, Corr. Transport Academy of Ukraine
  • Inna A. Lapkina – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.
  • Sergiy I. Rylov – Ph.D. in Economics, Professor.
  • Julia L. Kantarovich – Ph.D. in art history science
  • Elena V. Kirillova – PhD, associate professor
  • Petrov I - PhD, associate professor.
  • Demidova V - Ph.D in Pedagogical Sciences
  • Stovpets A. - Ph.D in Philosophy Sciences, associate professor
  • Stovpets V. - Ph.D in Philology Sciences, associate professor
  • Alexandra D. Markova

Published by:

Kupriyenko SV

on Project SWorld

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